A wedding photographer’s job is to photograph a snapshot in time. A wedding is a time two people hope will be the happiest of their lives. They have to capture the moment, understand the moment and explain the moment through their creative talent. It takes years to develop that level of skill and to be trusted to capture the day in its entirety. Yet, surprisingly, that job is similar to that of a keyword researcher, who’s job is to take a snapshot of the internet as it is relevant to their client and help them to achieve their online ambitions through Search Engine Optimisation.

A Keyword Researcher has to understand how a website stands within the context of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), looking at a snapshot of where a website ranks at that moment and find the best keywords to use to help it rise up search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. An experienced keyword researcher will look to find the optimum keywords for a business to compete on using a keyword research tool. They will look to find cost effective keywords, maximising SEO and online marketing spend, avoiding keywords that cost more per click to achieve, where rivals are more likely to protect their search engine ranking.

A keyword researcher may well be able to provide better marketing results for websites for photographers, or the website for a wedding photographer in Kent. There may be keywords that rivals are competing on harder, or search terms that might see the website ranked higher.