An architect

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Whether it’s a brand new approach to building design or an impressive modern glass extension that you are planning, an architect not only brings your plans alive but also creates a splendid building that goes beyond what you were hoping for.

Why work with an architect?

An architect can develop your project from an initial concept to a superbly designed impression and can follow the process through from plans and regulation to the conclusion of a beautifully created masterpiece.

Along with defining spaces, an architect can provide vital recommendations on what planners will require for planning consent and choosing an architect local to you can be important.

An architect can also function as a project manager in dealings with contractors and suppliers.

Building without the help of an architect can seem less costly initially but may turn out to cost more in the end. Finest laid plans for the novice can end up being expensive mistakes if building regulations are not taken into account.

Building work requires a severe financial investment of time and money so it is wise to choose a reliable, recommended, professional architect with a good diary management system, especially if they are acting as project manager too.

Do you need solicitors in London?

an architect house

With any building project it may be necessary to get help from a solicitor. Search online for something like solicitors in Barnet or lawyers in Brentwood in your area if you don’t have a solicitor already.

Solicitors with a high domain authority on the internet may have made use of the keyword planner tool to promote their business or they may just be aware of some good SEO tips for their website.

How to find good builders

Your architect may be able to recommend a good builder but it always worth looking online aswell to get a feel for the types of builders in your area. Search online for something like loft conversion Essex or single storey extension Suffolk in your particular area.

Leaflet drop London?

Solicitors and builders – or maybe even an architect – may advertise in their local area by putting leaflets through doors so always take a look at what comes through your door.


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