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How to deal with Cell Phone’s battery issue


The most annoying part about any cell phone is when it runs out of battery. In the modern world nothing has advanced more than the cell phones. From dull single colored screen we have come all the way to stunning retina displays. Mobile phones and its features have really evolved quickly. You can do possibly everything on your hand held device, play games, socialize or use it for your office work – It is all possible. With all the world of things you can do with your cell phone these days; the problem faced by most of the users is battery life. It is irritating when you want to video call and your cell phone is giving that low battery signal. Smart phone in particular tend to drain up battery far more quickly, they have high screen resolution and tons of battery eating applications and features.

To save your battery power and never be short of it at times when you really needed it, follow our simple instructions.

Adjust your screen brightness; make it dim to save battery life. It is your phone’s screen that most effects the battery life. Some phones have “auto adjust” feature which automatically brightens up the screen in bright light and makes it dim when you’re indoors. This feature is not all that effective and if you are really looking to save your battery life you should adjust your screen’s brightness manually. The other thing you could possibly do is to shorten the timeout interval so that your screen quickly blackens out when it is not in use. You can also try not to use any graphical wallpapers or screen savers as graphics tend to use more battery.


Cell phones have become part of modern behaviour and culture. Whether you are in a cafe on a bus or travelling by train, perhaps 50% of travellers are texting away or listening to music on their

Most of the modern applications are by default set on “auto update”. This feature makes the application constantly running in the background even when you are not using it. More applications and programs running means reduced battery life. You must also disable auto sync options. It is also advisable to limit the use of widgets which make use of your data connection and keeps on updating themselves, examples include whether and news widget.

Wifi, GPRS/Edge and GPS are the biggest enemies of battery life. Battery life gets most affected while using Wifi. We advise our readers to turn, Wifi and GPS off when not in use and you’ll notice a considerable change in your battery usage. Bluetooth should also be turned because if not your device will keep on searching for other Bluetooth enabled devices and eat up the battery life.

Platforms like Android and iOS keeps most applications running until they are forcefully shut down. Make sure you kill all unnecessary apps and program to save battery life.

To have the most out of your battery try to charge it when it gives you low power sign and charge it completely. This keeps the battery healthy and durable.