Christmas advertising is one of the busiest times in the calendar for commercial television companies, media buying agencies and online advertisement carrying websites. Many companies launch a special campaign featuring celebrities, Christmas concepts and mini-storylines to capture the public attention and win as much of the large share of disposable income at the highest spending time of year.

In recent years, the development of online advertising has grown exponentially as people spend more time, working, reading, playing and socialising on the Internet. Many television and print advertising campaigns are extended to online advertising. In some cases, completely separate online advertising campaigns are created to maximise the impact that companies can make on the public.

Whilst large companies keep a sizeable share of online advertising, small businesses can maximise their own online marketing through effective websites, social media campaigns and clever search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

KeyWord Difficulty and Best Keyword Difficulty Tool.

Google is the most popular online search engine, used for 90% of Internet searches across the World. Websites reach the top of Google searches based on how the website is ranked in terms of relevance and authority on the search people key into their browser.

A webpage’s authority is its PageRank with the authority of a website best indicated by its HomePage PageRank. There is also a boost in PageRank to a minimum of 4.5 for HomePages competing for a specific keyword.

This can be shown by Total WebPage Authority = PR + HPR + BPR*

There are many programs that can be used to help you achieve the best possible position on Google ranking. An increasing number of people believe Keyword SEO Pro is the best keyword difficulty tool, uniquely calculating  Keyword Difficulty by finding the average Total WebPage Authority of webpages that make the top ten ranking on Google for each of a list of keywords.

Kitchen Showrooms

Looking at this in more detail, two of the keywords are in the Total Page Reputation – Keyword Difficulty Red Zone: Ray-Ban and leaflets. These sites have an average HomePage PageRanks of more than five and rarely do SME websites achieve HomePage PageRank of more than four and PageRank is on a logarithmic scale. These keywords are therefore usually out of reach for SME Websites.

Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Blue Zone Keywords

Roof space conversions is a Blue Zone TPR-KD at 8.4 this is at the high end of the Blue Zone and considerable link power acquisition would be required for a website to achieve top page positioning on Google. Kitchen showrooms is a little easier in terms of keyword difficulty with a TPR-KD of 6.7. Health employment law solicitor is also a Blue Zone keyword with a TPR-KD of 7.1.

Total Page Reputation Keyword Difficulty – Green Zone Keywords

Whereas Health employment law solicitor is a Blue Zone Keyword, employment law solicitor is in the Green Zone; requiring considerably less link power for top page positioning. Similarly, Commercial cleaning London is perhaps surprisingly a low keyword difficulty keyword at 5.9 which contrasts with Ray-Ban at 10.4. Roof-space conversions would be difficult to rank for (TPR-KD 8.4 whereas door to door distribution has a low keyword difficulty – TPR-KD 6.0). The keyword difficulty Probate Plymouth is relatively low at 5.8. If your target market is aged 18-30, why not look at targeting Rray banay-Ban prescription sunglasses which has a TPR-KD of just 5.3.



PR = Page Rank

HPR = HomePage PageRank

BPR is the boost applied to the effective PageRank of a HomePage that is competing for a keyword to a minimum of 4.5

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