A couple of keyword tools that make keyword research simple

Targeting the most effective keywords for your internet site is the secret to internet success. If you choose the right keywords, the digital world is your oyster.

To choose the ideal key phrases you have to think about just what you are aiming to achieve. You need to empathize with your audience and think about the keywords they might use when looking for a person like you. When your target audience gets to your website, they are more likely to buy things if your site gives the high quality information they are looking for, perfectly presented and with easy navigation throughout the site.

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In the following example, if a photographer of weddings working in Essex and the Home Counties used the keyword wedding photographer Essex, this has a low TPA in the Green Zone of 53 and could be a good keyword to target but the keyword wedding with a TPA of 125 in the Red Zone would not be worth targeting. Other keywords like bride and groom photographs in London, family portraits in Kent or contemporary wedding photography in Hertfordshire may also be good phrases to consider.


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Practical Target Keywords

If you are not in the first few positions on the first page of Google for the keywords and phrases you are targeting, you will get hardly any new visitors to your site. If you target key phrases where commanding websites control the leading page of Google results pages, your company will not be successful on the internet.

So exactly what makes a website effective in the eyes of the main online search engines like Google or Bing? Inbound web link power is exactly what makes these websites so powerful. Sites such as Wikipedia and even press websites have many thousands of links on other sites that are linking with them. Moz offers a complimentary toolbar with Domain Authority and Page Authority scores for the page you are currently looking at.

Keyword SEO Pro takes the Moz Domain and Page Authority ratings to the next level. Modern internet search engines use domain and page authority ratings as a major part of their ranking formulas. The Total Page Authority (TPA) of a page is the total of its Domain and Page Authority. Keyword SEO Pro determines the average Total Page Authority of the pages on the first page of Google for each of a list of keywords. This average figure for TPA is the most effective keyword difficulty screening test that is available.

The Google Keyword Planner supplies the number of searches for any keyword monthly. It additionally provides related key phrase recommendations and even suggested bids for each keyword or phrase.

The information from the Google Keyword Planner tool and also Keyword SEO Pro can be put together in a spreadsheet like Excel. Instantly by looking at it you will be able to view the search quantities as well as keyword difficulty for every list of prospective keywords. You will additionally know the advised bids for those keywords that are not attainable for organic search where the competition is just too great.