Loft conversions and roof terraces


loft conversion roof

Planning policies have come to be more relaxed with regard to roof terraces. Roof terraces consistently require planning permission and are therefore dependent on how lenient the planners are. However, roof terraces are more common where there are lots of flats as space is at a premium and gardens are often not very large. London and big cities are prime examples.

Offices in London often have no outside space and a roof terrace could be an ideal way of gaining an outdoor area. A psychiatrist London could even use a roof terrace as a consulting area– it could be made to look like a secret garden offering complete privacy.

A loft conversion company can determine whether your loft space is suitable to change. Search online for loft conversions St Albans or loft conversions Scarborough for the area you live in and companies with a higher domain authority will show up near the top of a google search list.

You may also find leaflet delivery companies put leaflets through doors advertising loft conversion companies.

SEO and loft conversions

If you are a loft conversion company looking to generate more business, courses are available on search engine optimisation. Your company could appear higher up on google lists and you could get many more visitors to your website. Simply search online for SEO Essex or SEO Hertfordshire for companies that can assist you.

You may need to apply for Planning Permission or Party Wall Agreements. A loft conversion company may do this for you or you may need a solicitor to assist you. Search online for family lawyer North London, planning lawyer South London or family solicitors London if you do not already have your own solicitor and you will find people that can be recommended to help you.

Stunning roof terraces

loft conversion rooflight


You may have wonderful views over the surrounding area which would make a roof terrace ideal. Great lighting is typically an important part of the layout of a roof terrace if the terrace is to be made use of in the evenings.

There would be limits to the weight that can be put on the roof timbers in older buildings so the terrace should be designed to put minimal amounts of stress on the roof structure. Timber decking and steel planters could be made use of. Lights set into the decking would look stunning at night.

An upside down house may make best use of space by having bedrooms and living area downstairs with kitchen and eating area upstairs flowing out onto a roof terrace. Luxury kitchens and spacious dining areas on the top floor would be perfect for opening out onto a roof terrace.

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