Property agents who buy houses

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When we think about property agents we normally think about estate agents that sell property.

But these days there are a growing number of property agents that specialise in buying a house for you rather than selling a house for you – particularly if you have a lot of money to spend.

Buying agents have enjoyed a boom in recent years and many of them are in London and the Home Counties.

Why are numbers of buying agents increasing?

One reason is that the very rich who are looking to buy a home choose to have someone representing their interests when searching for a home. Another reason is that people have realised that a standard estate agent’s job is really to represent the seller and not the buyer.

Nevertheless, if you go to the trouble and expense of getting financial advice if you are investing £11,000 in a stocks-and-shares ISA, it would seem silly not to take expert advice on investing hundreds of thousands of pounds on a new property.

Buying a new house or extending your existing house?

property agents loft

Many people may choose to extend the home they are currently living in rather than selling their property and buying a new one. House prices in London and the Home Counties are increasingly expensive and many property owners will investigate the possibility of extending their home before searching for another.

Simply search online for loft extension Essex or building contractor Surrey to find experts in your area.

Most builders have their own websites these days and whilst they may not be experts in website design themselves, there are companies that can assist with setting up a website or running courses on search engine optimisation to help you promote your business.

Search for SEO Essex or web design Middlesex and you should find companies that can help. The keyword difficulty tool is just one tool that can help you to attain higher positions in online search engine results thus generating new business enquiries.

If you decide to buy a new property, in addition to property agents you would need to employ a solicitor to help with the conveyancing. Search online for solicitors in Barnet or lawyers in London if you don’t already have your own solicitor or look out for leaflets through your letterbox by way of door to door distribution.


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