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Samsung Galaxy Sú - Phone of the year


Samsung galaxy s3 declared phone of the year


Samsung is a name to be reckoned with in today’s technological world. Equipped with several gadgets under their belt, the company rides high on the fever of being celebrated as one of the best electronic company on earth. Samsung Galaxy S3 was another weapon released by the hands of the company to notch another step ahead. Made for all the hype that was created upon its release, this new phone has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to offer to the customers.

Sleek and smart to handle, Samsung Galaxy S3 is known to have been inspired from nature. With the polycarbonate covering at the back, the phone has a glossy finish to itself.  Available in limited colors, the phone supports 4.8“Super AMOLED High Definition Screen. The phone body measurements are 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm.light in weight, measuring up to 133 grams, some people have referred to the body as being ‘cheap’ while handling. Considering the excitement that had built, perhaps the public had far more expectations than required.

However, Samsung galaxy S3 is anything but. With curved at the edges, the phone packs within itself an amazing integrated system with a Gorilla Glass front and an amazing Battery life inside. Being a predecessor to Samsung Galaxy S2 is not an easy job considering the reputation it gained for itself. The change that one has witnessed in the latest handset is the enlarging of the Home button; otherwise the remaining menu appearance has pretty much been left as it is.

It is a personal belief of several users that the buttons on the body of the phone has been thoughtfully allotted. It is considered a smart phone to have placed the lock button on the side of the screen rather than the top of the body as the phone size is relatively large hence not all the keys are accessible at the same time. However, this one is most used hence should be placed appropriately; right hand side of the phone for the thumb to reach.  On the left said you see the volume control of the set; yet again within easy reach.

There is a micro USB slot placed at the bottom of the set from where you connect the charger. The body covering of the battery is same as that of the rest o f handset; made form polycarbonate material which can be easily removed on whim of the user. This allows for flexible opportunities such as the manual handling of the battery itself (preferable by several users) and the option of adding extra more in the phone in case you are running low on it. In short, you are provided with 128 GB and you can add up onto that with the SD cards. This is one mouth-watering feature for all those users who take media and data storage on their phone seriously.All in all, Samsung Galaxy S3 was announce the Phone of the Year in 2012 Annual T3 Gadget Awards, leaving behind several other well renowned Smartphone released by other companies.