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INTERNET MARKETING – Reaching out to the people


INTERNET MARKETING – Reaching out to the people


Technology – that fast paced monster that has pretty much dug its claw in every facet of our lives. These are the claws that have taught us to race with the passing time and stay one or two steps ahead. These are the claws that we welcome. There are many faces of this phenomenon we now know as technology and every one of them has impacted us in one way or another. More than half the activities we perform daily are directly or indirectly related to Technology. This very article that we are reading is visible thanks to technology. It has become a major part of modern education.

Internet Marketing is just another aspect of this humongous phenomenon.  Since Industrial Revolution and the concept of mass production, efforts have been made in order to advertise those techniques, products, services and ideas that were being produced at such an insane pace; hence came the press. From there onwards the word marketing ahs donned a completely new cloak that keeps on evolving with each passing second.

Internet marketing is term given to publicizing and advertising products and services through the World Wide Web. With the increasing competition and business pressure, it is important for different companies and ventures to get their word out, to market their item; better and bigger. This is one of many ways of improving your sales margin and expanding your clientele. With majority of the world plugged in to the Internet, it is so far the best and the fastest way to appeal to the general masses.

You can further categorize this generalized term Internet marketing into smaller headings:

1)      Web Marketing: where you make use of different websites to post your products through the help of flashing advertisements of banners.

2)      Email Marketing: where you can send emails, updates and newsletters to your customers in their inboxes so that they stay updates with your business and it’s ongoing and incomings.

3)      Social Marketing and SEO: this makes use of social networks; a rising trend that everyone is aware of. LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Tumbler, Google+ and Orkut and just few platforms where you can post your products and get more attention and response.

Is there more that you can do?

Definitely there is more to Internet marketing. Realize your goals and what you are selling. Everyone has a product that they want to market; what is yours? Be very clear about your content that you post on your website. Be specific and to the point. Your web design should inspire to attract clients and deliver your message. Furthermore, establish links; both literally and metaphorically. As aforementioned, one way of doing it is through socializing. If you have a page on Facebook that your customers are following and they post a query on it, make sure you respond. Nobody likes a lethargic owner and likes to receive answers concerning their questions. The other way is to post links on verifiable websites that will send the user to your page. Some visitors to your website may have difficulty reading your webpages which can be understanding dyslexia. One thing that needs to be clear is that this is a growing industry with immense competition; in order to stay ahead you have to be unique and outstanding in what you have to offer to your client.