Why is it tougher to get to the first page of Google for your keywords?


Developing a top-notch site as the only method of internet promotion to advertise your firm online is not likely to give you the outcomes you would like anymore. You will also need

– high values for incoming web links

– frequent posts of new content

– the use of social media.


1.There are 2 brand-new aspects to Google’s ranking algorithm:

a) Quality Score. Google collates specific signal information to look at the performance of websites for a particular keyword. A reduced amount of time spent on a website, the bounce rate and returning to Google to view other sites for the same keywords would suggest poor quality (Viniker DA ).

b) Digital Footprint. There is proof to reveal that enhancing your digital footprint with short articles, blogging and also the regular use of outstanding top quality social networking sites like Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can increase positions within Google (Peter Simcoe).

Competition is getting higher. In 1998 there were 2 million websites. In 2010, this had gone up to 200 million sites and over the last 5 years this has gone up to 1 billion sites today.

The 4 Elements impacting internet search engine rankings for keywords – a brief summary

On-Page Optimization

Prior to Google in 1998, web search engines just took into account on-page elements. If target search terms were included in the content as well as in the underlying code (the meta-description in addition to the meta-keywords) a great deal of times, the website could be ranked near the top of Google. AltaVista was famous in the past – if you searched for AltaVista making use of the AltaVista online search engine, the AltaVista website didn’t show up until the fifth web page.

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To advertise a business online, a firm of accountants in Essex may have had an internet site with keywords such as financial accountants in Southend in Essex, chartered accountancy qualifications Woodford and tax advice Essex appearing all through the content on the website and this would have helped to trigger top page positioning on Google.


Nowadays that would not suffice and you would need to use other methods of website promotion perhaps with the help of a web designer in Essex to get you to the top of Google.

Off-Page Optimization

Google initiated the concept of customer signals to assist with ranking. It used PageRank which was named after one of the developers, Larry Page. The PageRank of a web page was calculated from the total amount of the values of all the incoming links to the sites. Google does still take advantage of PageRank in its ranking formula but since December 2013, it hasn’t provided PageRank information to the general public. The Moz Page and Domain Authority values have ended up being the very best indications of a website’s page authority and domain authority that are supplied.

Quality Score

Google earns billions of dollars annually from its PPC strategy (AdWords) and also takes advantage of Quality Score to impact placing for AdWords. As a result rankings depend on bids and also high quality scores of competing web pages on internet websites. A lot of optimisers think that Quality Score is crucial to natural rankings. Quality Score will absolutely depend on the quality of the information provided along with the look and feel of the site.

Social networking

There is evidence that increasing your digital footprint by writing blogs (producing fresh content) along with promoting your website on social media websites like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook has a beneficial result on natural positioning (Peter Simcoe).


A leaflet delivery company that writes regular blogs to their website about the distribution of flyers in London, digital mapping technology or satellite tracking systems for letterbox distribution is likely to rank more highly than a distribution company that doesn’t ever update their website.