Website Download Speeds, SEO and Positioning for Keywords


Just how fast your website downloads into your web internet browser – the download speed – has always been associated with the success (or otherwise) of a website or a blog website. If your website takes a long time to download, site visitors will certainly not wait.


Individuals that spend a lot of time searching for things on the internet have the tendency to be quite impatient. How they get to your site may not be so pertinent, but if it is very slow, they will definitely not stay and wait to see it however great it might be. If it is your main source for bringing in new clients, you may lose out on potential new clients.


Google has acknowledged that the download rate of a website is relevant to where your internet site is placed on the search engine results and everybody wishes to boost the speed at which their internet site or blog website downloads. Now Google has made individuals aware of this, they are taking note and acting upon this even though it might be something they should have thought about already.

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Google resembles a website representative and it has to provide the very best search engine results to be the best in their area of understanding, which is similar to a business networking group wanting to bring in the best of all professions.



A business networking group in Bexley will only succeed if it can bring in first class business people who can network with each other and pass on referrals thereby giving away new business opportunities and their website is crucial to the success of the business networking group. If the website it slow to load and out of date, people will not be so keen to join.


Historical facts


In 1999 Zona disclosed that one third of your site visitors will leave your website if it takes over 8 seconds to download.


In 2006 Akamai disclosed that one third of your site visitors will leave if your website takes more than 4 seconds to download with broadband.


In 2006 assessments at Google disclosed that longer download times by simply half a second activated a 20% decrease in website traffic.


Website Download Rate Evaluations


This list consists of techniques for evaluating your website download rates:




Google Analytics Plugin from Yoast


Pagespeed Insights




The Basis of Slow Website Download Rates and the best ways to make them Faster


Hosting – You generally get what you pay for although some businesses that can offer hosting for your website might supply you with fantastic servers with fast downloading speeds at cost effective prices.


Pictures – Large photos tend to make a website take longer to download. Aim to reduce your image size as much as possible and optimize them with a program like


Caching – A program for caching, like Rapid Ranker or W3TC, might reduce download rates by as much as 50%. If a site takes 6 seconds to download and install, you will certainly lose essentially 80% of possible customers as they will definitely not wait for your website to load. If it takes merely 3 seconds they will absolutely stay on your website and are more likely to go to other pages on that specific site.


Practical points to think about


If you have 2 sites of similar SEO worth attempting to compete for a search phrase and one website downloads in 2 seconds and the other takes 4 or more seconds, the quicker site will certainly produce positive customer signals. In terms of internet site promotion, the website that loads the quickest will most definitely be placed higher on the online search engine results.

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A loft space conversion specialist with a website showing before and after pictures of loft rooms as well as advice on planning restraints and building regulations is far more likely to get to the top page of the Google results if the website is quick to download and navigate around.


Download rates furthermore influence quality scores and an excellent SEO consultant in London can help you to stay on the leading page of the Google results with a high domain authority for your website. This will certainly affect the amount of website traffic and subsequently, will certainly have an influence on your business earnings.